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Continuing Education Calendar

The Tulane School of Social Work is constantly working to offer our alumni and community members a diverse offering of CEUs throughout the year.

Upcoming CEU events are listed below!

EMDR Basic Training: May 10 -12

The School of Social Work's a three-day EMDR training  for social workers, presented by Carol Miles, LCSW, from Wednesday, May 10 through Friday, May 13 in Room 349 at the Tulane School of Social Work, located at 127 Elk Place. 

Learning Objectives for the Course:

  1. Learn the underlying adaptive information processing theory of EMDR therapy and other theoretical brain functioning and research issues;
  2. Learn to assess the appropriateness of using EMDR therapy with your patients;
  3. Learn to integrate EMDR therapy in to a comprehensive treatment plan;
  4. Develop the skill in using all eight phases of EMDR therapy.

EMDR Training part 2 will be offered is July 21-23 and is required along with 10 hours of supervision in order to be certified.


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Limited partial scholarships are available ($100-$200) for students and non-profits.
This process is separate from registration and selection will be completed in April.
If interested, please e-mail Parker Sternbergh for further details and requirements.


CEU Lunch Series: Thursday, May 11

Join us at Tulane School of Social Work for one (1) free CEU at the continuing Trauma Lunch Time Series! 

When: Thursday, May 11 from 12 - 1 p.m.
Where: Room 343 in the Tulane School of Social Work building (127 Elk Place)

"Innocent Until Proven Muslim: Institutionalized Islamophobia in the War on Terror"

Presented by:
Maha Hilal, PhD
Co-PI of the Torture Trauma Treatments Project with the American Psychological Association

What is it like to be discriminated against because of how you look or how you pray? In the context of the War on Terror, Muslim-Americans have been directly targeted by U.S. counter-terrorism policies based on the rationale of "collective responsibility." Drawing on her extensive research, Dr. Maha Hilal will focus on the ways in which Muslims have been criminalized by virtue of their religious and racialized identity and subjected to a separate system of justice. She will also describe the mental health consequences of physical confinement and other conditions under which the Muslims have been held during the "War on Terror."

1 CEU credit will be available

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Additional Information

For more information about the Center For Life-Long Learning or to suggest future CEU events, contact the center's Assistant Director Parker Sternbergh at or call 504.862.3475.

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