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Preparing for Virtual Classes for On-Campus Students

Dear TSSW Students,

As Tulane University and the School of Social Work look to start online instruction on Monday, September 13, we wanted to thank you for your ongoing commitment to your education and share a few resources that can support your virtual learning over the next few weeks.

To prepare for virtual learning, you may need to setup the following:

  • Reliable, secure internet at your home; If you are in an area where you do not yet have reliable internet, please reach out to your Program Director as soon as possible.
  • A desktop or laptop computer; however, you may use your phone to access Zoom and Canvas as a temporary solution.
  • A working microphone* through a headset or computer
  • Working computer speakers* (either internal or external to your laptop)
  • A working camera* (either internal or external to your laptop)
  • Zoom videoconferencing software
  • Microsoft Office software, which is free to Tulane Students
  • Trend Micro Malware/Antivirus software, which is free to Tulane Students
  • Access to a printer and scanner (optional)

*For the microphone, speakers, and camera, we recommend you test these to ensure they allow for clear communications.

If you do not have the needed hardware, including a laptop/desktop, webcam, microphone, or speakers, or reliable private internet, please reach out to your Program Director.

For those of you that would like Zoom training, a wealth of online resources are available here. For technical support, reach out directly to Tulane’s IT Department here. They list ways to access their team via support ticket, email, chat, phone, or the online Knowledge Base.

Please note that although you may access Tulane programs from your phone, you should not operate a vehicle while doing so. This includes attempting to attend class or a meeting while in transit. Please ensure the highest standards of personal safety at all times.

Your class dates and times will not change, and individual professors will share the Zoom links for each of your classes over the next two weeks. 

Those of us that reside in areas impacted by Hurricane Ida may be experiencing personal challenges due to the emotional toll of disasters, property damage, and limited access to the internet and other resources. Everyone is facing an interruption in learning and an altered academic calendar. Please remember to prioritize your physical and mental health and have patience, grace, and flexibility with one another as we work together as a community to move forward with the semester. Please know that your program directors and the rest of TSSW's administration are here to support you.

Reach out to us with questions, concerns, and requests for resources.  

Dr. Patrick Bordnick, Dean of Tulane School of Social Work
Dr. Crystal Broussard, Director of Master of Social Work Program
Dr. Reggie Ferreira, Director of Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy
Dr. Maurya Glaude, Director of Field Education
Dr. Tonya Hansel, Director of Doctorate of Social Work Program