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Restart of the Fall 2021 Semester

Dear TSSW Community,

The start of the Fall 2021 semester has presented a number of challenges from COVID-19 to Hurricane Ida that created personal and community loss. Needless to say, this is not how any of us at the Tulane University School of Social Work hoped to start the academic year, and we believe the restart of the semester Monday, September 13 paves the way toward progress.

As Dean, I want to acknowledge and extend my gratitude to the TSSW Administrative team who has worked 24/7 behind the scenes over the past 10 plus days to ensure our faculty, staff, and students are supported and operations can continue. I also want to thank all of our faculty, staff, and students for your work in the community, your support of each other, and your patience as we navigate ahead together.

Any progress, even small progress, is still progress, and prioritizing your physical and mental health remains a priority. Resources are available to you, including those from Tulane University, our Self-Care Website, and our Weekly Mindfulness Sessions. We will continue to communicate these opportunities as they become known to us, and we hope that you'll take advantage of them as you need.

While the impact of these circumstances weigh on us, we are grateful to have a community of students, faculty, and staff to begin addressing the needs of our communities and the vulnerabilities the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Ida have revealed. Many of you have already been working on the frontlines with disaster response, relief, and recovery, and we would appreciate the opportunity to share your story. Whether you are faculty, staff, or student, we want to know how you are participating in these efforts and what activities or organizations we can share on your behalf. Please reach out to Carrie Moulder at cmoulder@tulane.edu with your story, and we will continue to inform our TSSW community members of the ways they contribute time or talent.

We are grateful to you for your ongoing commitment, patience, collaboration, flexibility, and resilience and remain available to you for any support you may need. As before, please feel free to call or text Dean Bordnick directly with questions.

Dr. Patrick Bordnick, Dean of Tulane School of Social Work
Dr. Arturo Rodriguez, Assistant Dean of Administration & Finance
Dr. Susan Davies, Associate Dean of Research
Dr. Crystal Broussard, Director of Master of Social Work Program
Dr. Reggie Ferreira, Director of Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy
Dr. Maurya Glaude, Director of Field Education
Dr. Tonya Hansel, Director of Doctorate of Social Work Program
Carrie Moulder, Marketing & Communications Specialist
Mel'isa Morel, Executive Assistant to the Dean