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PsychoHairapy Training in New Orleans

The PsychoHairapy Research Lab at the University of the District of Columbia and the Center for Natural Connections at Tulane University School of Social Work have teamed up to offer a training intensive on mental health and hair!  Their expertise, passion, and niche information includes 12 hours of multi-media interactive lectures and role play to build foundations in assessing mental health and providing emotional support through hair care. Whether you are a mental health provider, hair care professional, or a student, you will be met with materials supported by scientific rigor and facilitators that model gentle nurturing care as you learn applied techniques.

As part of this event, Talk, Touch & Listen While Combing Hair!©, will provide an introduction to community-based parenting interventions for four continuing education credits. Dr. Marva L. Lewis of Tulane University has developed a psychosocial, sociocultural-valid intervention. The ritual and routine of combing young children’s hair is a simple task that takes place in homes around the world. Findings from her research suggest that the interaction that goes on during hair combing may strengthen parent-infant attachment, as well the social emotional health and well-being of the child. Further, interventions centered on hair provide an opportunity to interrupt the unrecognized intergenerational messages of negative stereotypes of African beauty - natural coily/curly hair (texturism), and light/dark skin color (colorism). This highly interactive workshop will be led by Ms. Maureen Joseph, MSW and Ms. Ingrid-Penelope Wilson from the University of the District of Columbia. Both are gifted facilitators and trainers in the TT&L curriculum. The 4-hour workshop is open to counselors, social workers, mental health providers, and early childhood educators who provide services to young children and their families. 

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Friday, April 3, 2020 - 10:00 to Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 17:00
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Elk Place, Room 343