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Expert Advice: Tips and Resources on Various Mental Health Topics

DSW Program Director Dr. Tonya Hansel provides advice and resources to WWNO on a wide variety of mental health topics from coping with isolation to self-care for healthcare professionals.

"Some people don't even have the choice in whether or not they can go to work, so that adds another level of stress and trauma and, specifically for our community, that this can retrigger a lot of those feelings that many had following Hurricane Katrina, or some of the other disasters we've had. I think the most important thing to remember is that these feelings people are having are completely normal. Whether it's fear or stress or sadness, anytime we have these types of large-scale crises and disasters, people are going to have a negative reaction. And we don't want to minimize those because they are a normal human response to these types of situations," says Dr. Hansel.

Read more on WWNO's website in this article originally posted on March 20, 2020.