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Dr. Curtis Davis and Dr. Samantha Francois Publish Advance Online Entry in APA Traumatology Journal

Along with Curtis Davis, a recipient of a Ph.D. in Tulane’s City, Culture and Community Program, assistant professor Dr. Samantha Francois has an advance online publication in the American Psychological Association's Traumatology Journal. "Behind closed doors: Considering a triphasic traumatic incarceration experience" delivers study findings that show justice-system social workers report trauma experiences before sentencing, during incarceration, and after release. The experience of incarceration is traumatic in unique, yet overlapping ways, at each phase. This aids in formulating thoughtful approaches for those working with the incarcerated person, their families, and justice system actors, and understanding trauma at each phase is an appropriate step toward better advocating for those who are incarcerated.

Click here for the abstract and article.