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Faculty Present at 65th Annual Program Meeting of Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)

Each year, the Annual Program Meeting (APM) from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) brings together over 2,500 social work educators, students, deans, and directors from around the world to promote and teach best practices in research and curriculum development for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Tulane University School of Social Work is a charter and accredited member of CSWE and proud to participate in this year’s conference in Denver. In addition to the faculty and staff from our school that went, several faculty members lead tracks, were honored, and presented papers and e-posters.

Participating in this event enables dissemination of valuable research and connection of professionals with similar areas of interest. We are thankful that CSWE works so diligently to produce this event and offers a wealth of opportunities to share and grow social work education.

Here are the ways our school contributed to CSWE’s 65th Annual Program Meeting, October 24 to 27, 2019:
Dr. Joan Blakey, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

  • Co-Chair of the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Meeting Track
  • Honored at the Leadership Networking Reception for her participation in the 2019 CSWE Summer Leadership Program and Harvard Institutes of Higher Education (HIHE) Summer Program
  • Presenting a paper on Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fright: African American Women’s Responses to Child Welfare Involvement
  • Participating in a panel on Thriving While Black in the Academy
  • Facilitating a panel discussion on Demystifying “Mentorship” during the Black Administrators, Researchers, & Scholars (BARS) annual meeting at CSWE

Dr. Regardt Ferreira, Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy Director and Associate Professor

  • Co-Chair of the Disaster and Traumatic Stress Meeting Track
  • Participating in the CSWE Connect Event on Global Social Issues: Interventions for Global Problems

Dr. Leia Saltzman, Assistant Professor

  • Presenting a paper on Expanding Our Paradigm: Introducing Time Informed Social Work Education
  • Participating in an interactive workshop on Human Centered Design: Anti-Oppressive Research Techniques to Achieve Social Justice
  • Co-Presenting with Dr. Tonya Hansel an e-poster on Identifying Trajectories of Change to Improve Program Evaluation: Cluster and Latent Analyses

Dr. Tonya Hansel, DSW Program Director and Associate Professor

  • Co-Presenting with recent DSW alum Dr. Samuel Bradley an e-poster on DSW: A Comparison of U.S. Curricula and Case Study of Student Perspectives
  • Co-Presenting with Dr. Leia Saltzman an e-poster on Identifying Trajectories of Change to Improve Program Evaluation: Cluster and Latent Analyses

Dr. Lauren Terzis and Dr. Coleen Cicale, Clinical Assistant Professors

  • Presenting an e-poster on Experiential Learning in Master of Social Work Policy Courses: A Content Analysis

Dr. Catherine McKinley, Associate Professor, and Jessica Liddell, PhD Candidate in Tulane’s CCC Program

  • Presenting a paper on Historic and Contemporary Environmental Justice Among a Gulf Coast Native American Tribe

Along with CSWE, the affiliated group of Indigenous and Tribal Social Work Educators’ Association held their 23nd Annual Conference. Associate Professor Catherine McKinley is on their governing board, and she and Jessica Liddell, PhD candidate, presented their paper on “Barriers and supports in accessing reproductive and sexual healthcare services for an Indigenous tribe in the Gulf Coast region of the United States.”