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Publication: COVID-19 Behavioral Health & Quality of Life

Dr. Tonya Cross Hansel, Dr. Leia Saltzman, Dr. Pamela Melton, Dr. Tanisha Clark, and Dr. Patrick Bordnick have published "COVID-19 Behavioral Health and Quality of Life" in Scientific Reports, an open access journal that is part of the Nature portfolio and includes original research from across all areas of the natural sciences, psychology, medicine and engineering. According to the abstract, "In addition to concern about physical health consequences of COVID-19, many researchers also note the concerning impact on behavioral health and quality of life due to disruption. The purpose of this paper is to explore pathways of COVID-19 behavioral health and quality of life. We found increased anxiety, depression, and alcohol misuse and that the pandemic exacerbated prior problems. Further community indicators also lead to poorer behavioral health and overall decreased quality of life. The nature of COVID-19 and vast reach of the virus suggests that behavioral health concerns should take a primary role in pandemic recovery."

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