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Publication: Life Stressors, Social Capital, and Mental Distress in Older Asian Americans

Dr. Audrey Hang Hai is a co-author on "Life stressors, social capital, and mental distress in older Asian Americans" recently published in Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work.

According to the abstract, ""The present study examined how mental distress of older Asian Americans is influenced by various types of life stressors and social capital. Participants who were 60 and older (n = 533) were selected from the 2015 Asian American Quality of Life survey. A high level of mental distress was observed in the sample, particularly in the Korean and Vietnamese groups. Results of multivariate analyses indicated the detrimental effects of health- and immigration-related stressors and the beneficial effects of family and community resources and suggested ways to promote their mental health and well-being."

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