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Publication: Mutual-Help Group Participation for Substance Use Problems

Dr. Audrey Hang Hai is among the co-authors on a recent research article entitled "Mutual-help group participation for substance use problems in the US: Correlates and trends from 2002 to 2018" published in Addictive Behaviors.

According to the article's abstract: "Mutual-help groups (MHGs) are an integral component of the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment system in the U.S., and growing evidence suggests that they are effective and cost-effective for SUD-related problems. However, not much is known about the MHG participation patterns in the U.S. Using the 2002–2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health data, we estimated the annual participation rates and examined the psycho-social-behavioral correlates of MHG participation using logistic regression.""

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