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Publication: Literature Review of Pediatric Epilepsy and Psychoeducational Interventions

Doctorate of Social Work Candidate, A. Maya Kaye, has published a literature review on pediatric epilepsy and psychoeducational interventions in the Epilepsy & Behavior journal. The review identified the three major themes of "(1) caregivers’ knowledge and self-efficacy about seizure management; (2) parental epilepsy-related fears, anxiety, and stress; (3) parental sleep quality and (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) psychoeducation." 

As the abstract indicates, "overall, considering research limitations, providing epilepsy-related psychoeducational interventions to primary caregivers of children with epilepsy seems to have promising evidence in the literature. After receiving such interventions, the studies show that caregivers’ psychosocial outcomes improved; they become more empowered to manage their children’s seizures and advocate for their children’s psychosocial needs." 

Read the full article here.