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Our Deliverables

Certificate in Disaster Mental health and Trauma Studies

The DMH&TS certificate is earned concurrently with the MSW on a full or part time basis. It focuses on crisis interventions, working with trauma of several types, and on empowering and enhancing resilience.

Training for Primary and Secondary Responders in Self Care and Building Resilience.

The Institute for Psychosocial Health provides training to responders, students, health and human services personnel in self-care and building personal and group resilience.†Clients have included law enforcement, public and private school teachers and administrators, public health workers, hospital personnel, and community action centers.


"Teacher Resilience Education and Enhancement" or TREE, is a five-part professional development series designed to increase self-care for enhanced resilience of K-12 teachers in high-risk urban neighborhood schools in post-Katrina New Orleans. The Principal Investigator and project director, Dr. Jane Parker, is frequently called to schools following the murder(s) of students in order to provide support and professional intervention to teachers and administrators. The TREE curriculum is offered as follow up where appropriate. The highly interactive training focuses on teachers' managing both primary and secondary traumatic stress; practicing self-care; maintaining professional boundaries; and regular resilience planning on physical, social, psychological, occupational and spiritual dimensions.

Advanced Human Trafficking Investigation

Training This training is offered by the Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute and is designed for Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators, and Human Trafficking Task Force members. The training emphasized advanced investigative skill development including multi-disciplinary collaboration, structured case planning, and victim management. The Tulane SSW IPH partnered with the Policing Institute to host the first human trafficking training for officers in the greater New Orleans area.

Training for Students in aspects of mental health, crisis intervention, brief treatments, leadership, and management.

Through classes, field work, and special learning activities, our full and part-time students are exposed to some of the finest teaching and field experiences available in higher education. Our staff work with students consistently through the MSW program on curriculum planning, resilience planning, and a five-year professional career plan. Tulane faculty and outside experts are involved in classroom and field activities across your time with us.