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Students in Social Work: Darrian Dawson

When they come to our Doctorate of Social Work (DSW), candidates already have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are so grateful for their commitment and are happy to help them advance their practice and leadership. TSSW's Student Government Association is highlighting students as part of Social Work Month, and we'd love for you to meet Darrian Dawson (He/Him/His), a DSW candidate from Washington, D.C.

What is your area of focus in social work practice?

School Social Worker

What has been a highlight of your experience at TSSW?

My experience at TSSW has been great. The faculty and professors are very helpful, compassionate, dedicated, experienced, and supportive. The professors teach in a way that promotes collaborative learning. They create opportunities for us to make our own discoveries and to find our personal meanings. In class, the professors challenge our traditional ways of thinking and interacting. Those challenges help us to be more competent and force us out of our comfort zone. In addition, the curriculum is future-focused and the coursework teaches skills that can be applied in practice. Since starting the doctorate program, I am a better person, student, researcher, and social worker.