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Molly Fleder in Puducherry, India with Sharana

During my site visit with Molly, I was able to join Molly on home visits and also observe her training members of the administrative team at her agency on how to conduct psychosocial assessments, develop professional case notes, and create a system for tracking the interactions/interventions with each client. Here's a reflection from Molly on a workshop she provided for the agency's case managers:

Creating a workshop for the social workers on the role and responsibilities of case management could not have been completed without the aid of my studies in Tulane's classroom. I was able to use several theories that I was taught, such as, motivational interviewing, evidence based practice, appreciative inquiry and the gatekeeper model. It was a tremendous experience to provide information for social workers in India to use that I was taught in the US. There were alterations that were made to tailor the workshop to meet the needs of the social workers here and address the obstacles that occur here which are different than the US. The workshop empowered me to consider the field of social work I would like to go into, policy and consulting. I feel that I am able to see the needs of the whole organization and then pick out what needs work and what doesn't. It's all very exciting.