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Field Education Forms

Social work students, both part-time and full-time, entering their first semester of study must submit their field education application to the field education department. Once the application has been submitted, students and their Placement Advisor will work toward obtaining a field placement. In the school's efforts to find each student a suitable field placement, field agencies will conduct interviews with students, and agencies and students submit confirmation of acceptance once they have accepted a student into their field placement. 

Student Learning Goals

Beginning with the Spring semester for full-time students, each student must submit a goals sheet for each section (SOWK 7520, 7530 and 7540) of their field education practicum. Beginning with the first summer semester, part-time students also must submit Learning Goals and continue to do so for each subsequent semester (SOWK 7910-7920 and SOWK 7930-7960) of the field education practicum. 

Field Evaluations

As part of the field education practicum, both full-time and part-time students are evaluated on their full range of performance expectations. With each field practicum assignment, students are evaluated by their field instructors and rated using a Field Evaluation tool. These evaluation forms are issued in the Field Education to the field instructors electronically and are shared with their students before the end of each semester.  

Student Course Evaluations 

As with other courses, program evaluation is necessary to engage in ethical social work practice. Therefore, both full-time and part-time students provide evaluations of their field placement . These evaluations give students an opportunity to anonymously express feedback about their learning experience at the agency as well as with their social work. The details within the evaluation will be considered in efforts to improve the students’ experience in our program.