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Academic Affairs


Academic Affairs leads and oversees programs and services that support the students and faculty in areas relating to curriculum and the learning environment. It develops, revises, and implements policies and procedures and includes program managers and academic success coaches.

You can ask your Program Manager/Academic Advisor questions about your curriculum path, course concerns, registration assistance, academic appeals, and all other academic related matters.

MSW Program Director

Crystal Broussard, PhD, LCSW


MSW Program Manager

Leah Odeneal, MA   

DSW Program Director

Dr. Tonya Hansel,  

DSW Program Manager

Lisa Hawkins  

DRLA Program Director

Dr. Reggie Ferreira 

MS-DRL & MSW/MS-DRL Program Manager

Tona Zwanziger, MS, LMSW  

Academic Affairs also includes Academic Success Coaching.