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Dual Degree: Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor


The MSW/JD program is particularly suited for students with an interest in the law as well as social work. Graduates may work in forensic social work, juvenile justice, corrections, child advocacy, legislative advocacy and public policy. It is a plan of study that will give you outstanding interdisciplinary skills to apply to critical social issues.

Students who plan to primarily practice law benefit from a social work education in working with families and couples, victims of domestic violence, and other groups and individuals whose legal issues have strong psychosocial correlations. A legal education gives social work professionals many of the tools they need to effect change essential to assisting their clients. Similarly, a social work background provides attorneys with the tools needed to understand their clients and work collaboratively with them and community resources to address needs.

Program Structure

The dual degree program is 133 credit hours, usually completed in four years or ten semesters. The point of entry to this dual degree program is the School of Social Work in the first (Fall) semester and to the Law School at the 4th semester (Fall II). Completion of both degrees takes four years. Students usually receive their MSW at the end of the seventh semester. Students continue in the Law School through the tenth semester to complete all requirements for the Juris Doctor. See the curriculum plan to understand the flow of coursework between the two schools.

  Regular Program Req Hours Dual Degree Req Hours
MSW 60 54*
Law 88 79
Total 148 133

Students should consult with their advisors both at the School of Social Work and the Law School for course planning.

Application Process

A separate application must be submitted to each of the schools, and applicants must meet the requirements for admission to each school. The School of Law requires the LSAT score; the School of Social Work requires a 3.0 minimum GPA. Application for both schools are accepted online October 1- March 31.

Admission to both schools is highly competitive and limited to graduates of accredited colleges and universities. For SSW admissions, please see our website, or contact our Admissions Staff at 800-631-8234 for more information or to set up a visit. For Law School admissions, please visit their website for guidelines on their application process --

MSW/JD Curriculum Structure

For More Information

Contact Dr. Jane Parker at 504-862-3493 or at for more information.