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Master of Social Work and Certificate in Disaster Mental Health & Trauma Studies

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Have you ever wondered how you can make a real impact on the world, a world beset by both natural and man-made disasters? Tulane School of Social Work offers not only the Master of Social Work degree, but also a unique Certificate in Disaster Mental Health that is earned concurrently within your curriculum and field internship. While the city of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region continue to recover from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Tulane School of Social Work students are on the ground helping in neighborhoods, health clinics, and crisis intervention settings. These Tulane MSW students are bringing tremendous healing and are encouraging the release of natural resilience in our citizens and organizations to make our region even stronger.

Career of a Lifetime

In addition to the exciting clinical-community content of the Tulane MSW, you will reap the benefits of a degree and certificate program that are transferable across the life of your career. Professional social workers are the experts in human relations, in bringing order to chaos, and in thoughtful planned change. The Certificate in Disaster Mental Health can launch your career in crisis counseling, in being a disaster response team member, and in being a leader in helping communities to have resources in place that promote the mental health of its citizens who are adversely affected by a range of disasters. MSW students in the DMH Certificate program take specified courses in crisis intervention; disaster management; and treatment approaches with certain mental disorders. Additionally, you will engage in a professional project to leave a lasting mental health product, policy, or program in the community. You will complete a three-semester (full time) or six semester (part time) field internship in a setting dealing with people in crisis or in the post-crisis recovery phase. Your work may be direct, face to face clinical counseling, or your work may be more indirect in terms of planning and policy practice. Your work may be a combination of both indirect and direct methods, but one thing is certain Äî your work will matter.

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Contact Dr. Leia Saltzman, Program Coordinator for the Institute for Psychosocial Health, at 504-247-1452 or to learn more about the Certificate in Disaster Mental Health & Trauma Studies.

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