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Elk Place Health Spot Community Services

With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting in-person events, TSSW has transitioned its Elk Place Health Spot to panel webinars. Scroll down to see a list of our upcoming virtual Elk Place Health Spots. In the interim, please view some of the previous sessions below:

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Started in June 2017, the Elk Place Health Spot is a community service of the Tulane University School of Social Work. It is situated on Elk Place just a half-block off of Canal Street at a busy mass-transit stop and provides access to free screenings and information to improve physical and mental health. Not only is the Elk Place Health Spot a space for learning and healing for anyone that walks by the front of the School of Social Work building, but it also provides social work graduate students the opportunity to engage with the community.

In addition to serving others, the program's goals are to

  • Prepare students to engage in clinical and community-based practice.
  • Teach students to value human diversity and promote justice.
  • Prepare students to exchange knowledge and research for social work practice.
  • Promote integrative learning from the environment in New Orleans.

With faculty support and in collaboration with the City of New Orleans, students actively involve themselves in outreach, engagement, and networking, all necessary skills for the social work profession. 

Each month, 15 to 20 organizations participate, and a total of 35 organizations have participated since the initiative's inception. We estimate we serve 100 to 150 members of the community each month.

An example of some of the services and information provided include:

  • Health Screenings
    • Dental 
    • Medical
    • HIV
    • STI
  • Information on
    • Medicare & Medicaid
    • Substance Abuse
    • Nutrition
    • GED
    • Prenatal care
  • Medical Appointments
  • Services for children
  • RTA surveys


Upcoming Elk Place Health Spots:

Sorry, no events.