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Mental Health, Addiction, and the Family Institutes and Resources for Social Work Practitioners

The goal of the Porter-Cason Institute is to not only advance family practice but also to inform social work practitioners about the latest and most effective family practice methods, techniques and research. Below is a listing of other family institutes that partner with Porter-Cason to provide the most complete guide to family practice.


Mental Health 


  • Imagine Recovery
  • Clinical Practice in Addiction and Substance Misuse Course presented by Parker Sternbergh, MHA. LCSW-BACS
    • This is a class designed to give the student clinical practice in conceptualizing, assessing and treating addictions and substance abuse and misuse in a relational context. Clinical Practice in Addiction and Substance Abuse is a 3-credit elective course designed to build upon the prerequisite course, SOWK 7370 or SOWK 7345. This clinical course has a focus on the importance of connection and family in healing from addiction and substance abuse. The relationship between trauma and addiction will be discussed.  The Course is organized in five modules: (1) The brain and attachment in healing, (2) Clinical assessment of addictions and substance misuse/abuse, (3) Treatment planning and implementation, (4) The ecosystem of the substance abuse and addiction health care delivery system and healing, (5) Work with specific populations.  

      In the course, students will learn the importance of connection and relationships in healing.   We will study the ecosystem of the addiction and substance abuse care delivery system. Treatment modalities and transitions will be mastered.   Exams will build on one another throughout the 5 modules of the course. Throughout the 5 modules, the student will conceptualize a client and his/her family relational ecosystem.  The student will complete a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan (with interventions) for each stage of recovery.

Mental Health, Addiction, and the Family Practices Training Organizations

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