Sheila Rivers, DSW, LCSW, MPH

Adjunct Instructor


Dr. Shelia Rivers, DSW,  LCSW, MPH is a mental health professional. She wears numerous professional hats, such as being the CEO and Chief Therapist of Rivers Psychotherapy Services, published author, Adjunct Professor at Tulane University, Public Speaker, Expert Mental Health Consultant, Social Work Intern Supervisor, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is presently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the surrounding tri-state area - State of Mississippi, the State of Alabama, and the State of Louisiana. She provides counseling services for individuals, children and adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. She is the founder of the holistic wellness program, Girl Get Your Life Together.  This program provides a supportive psychoeducational environment for women to discuss sensitive issues related to experiencing and coping with stress, learn more about mental health disorders, address emotional issues, and challenge unhealthy coping skills. The Girl Get Your Life Together program is built on the 8 dimensions of wellness: emotional, soul, body, finance, environmental, occupational, social, and intellectual.  She is also the author of "She Is" and "The Power of Hope" along with being a contributing author of "Unboxed."  

In 2020, she was invited to serve as a Board Advisory Member for Unite Empowerment in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2019, she was a speaker at the Success Women’s Conference. In 2019, she was also nominated for "Most Successful Black Owned Small Business and Most Successful Mental Health Provider." In 2018, she was presented with an award as a Success Woman Influence Leader on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Over the years, she has been involved with numerous organizations supporting the gift of Helps.  

Her academic preparation includes Doctor of Social Work from Tulane University, a Masters in Public Health with Healthcare Executive Management emphasizes, Masters in Social Work, and Bachelors in Psychology.  Her education provides her with a broad and coherent knowledge of health care policy and executive administration, social and human services, and general psychology along with insight into the cognitive and affective processes that underlie individual human development and behavior.  Additionally, it has provided her with greater skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and information utilization. 

Through her experience, she has demonstrated her ability to provide consultation to corporations, teachers, families, and administrators; complete comprehensive psychological evaluations of adults, children and adolescents who present with social, emotional, academic and behavioral difficulties; and in providing direct counseling and intervention to adult, children and adolescents. Her areas of concentration consist of strength perspective, empowering and emotionally supporting women and their families, trauma survivors, and program evaluations. She is well versed in evaluating the outcomes of services to ensure their effectiveness. Overall, her background reflects her ability to lead and maintain a strong commitment to professional standards. She is passionate about her gifted path and make a conscious effort to provide an opportunity for growth throughout her journey. She is forever “Empowered to Make a Difference.” 


  • Doctor of Social Work, Tulane University
  • Masters in Public Health Executive Administration, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Masters in Social Work, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Education, University of Southern Mississippi

Highlights, Honors & Awards

  • Success Woman Influence Leader on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Community Involvement

  • Board Advisory Member, Unite Empowerment