Celebrating Dr. Marva Lewis: A Champion in Child Advocacy

Recently honored by The UP Institute's Trees for Champions campaign, Associate Professor Marva Lewis, PhD, stands as an emblem of resilience and compassion in a world where the fight against child abuse demands unwavering dedication.

The Trees for Champions campaign serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of child abuse while commemorating the lives of children lost to this tragic reality. It also shines a spotlight on individuals like Dr. Lewis, whose dedication to child welfare echoes through her professional endeavors.

Dr. Lewis's journey in child advocacy spans decades, marked by her pioneering research, tireless advocacy, and compassionate service to vulnerable children and families. As a renowned psychologist and scholar, Dr. Lewis has dedicated her career to understanding the complex dynamics of child abuse and its far-reaching consequences on individuals and communities.

Her groundbreaking research has not only expanded our understanding of child abuse but has also paved the way for effective intervention strategies and policy reforms. Her book, Therapeutic Cultural Routines to Build Family Relationships: Talk, Touch & Listen While Combing Hair, prevents and reduces child abuse and neglect by strengthening parent-child attachment through the use of the hair combing task.

Receiving a tree at The UP Institute's Trees for Champions April 22 ceremony is a testament to Dr. Lewis's enduring legacy as a champion for child advocacy. Like the trees planted in honor of lost children, Dr. Lewis's work symbolizes resilience, growth, and renewal in the face of adversity and trauma.

Through her passion, expertise, and unwavering advocacy, Dr. Lewis exemplifies the true essence of a champion—a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the fight against child abuse. Tulane School of Social Work is so proud to honor and empower the work of faculty members like Dr. Marva Lewis.