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Adjunct Instructor Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are TSSW’s minimum qualifications of an adjunct instructor?

A: Applicants must possess an MSW or Masters degree in a related behavioral science discipline. Applicants with a social work degree must have and maintain a valid social work license. For the online programs, online teaching experience preferred but not required.


Q: How much does TSSW pay adjunct instructors?

A: TSSW pays $1,666 per credit hour. For Field courses, instructors are paid $4,998 per full time field course and $2,499 per Part Time Field course.


Q: Can I use my personal email to communicate with students or the administration?
A: No. Due to FERPA and school policy we require instructors to communicate with students via their official Tulane accounts. TSSW administration will communicate with you exclusively via yourTulane email account.


Q: I am interested in being a Field Seminar Instructor/Liason, what does that entail?

A: Responsibilities of the Faculty Field Liaison include:

  1. Meeting with students in Field Seminar, and individually as needed, to facilitate peer problem solving, provide support, and ensure integration of learning.

  2. Making virtual site visits with the field instructor and student to assess student progress and to maximize effective communication with the students, the School, and agencies.

  3. Initial handling of all field problems and making referrals of problems, when necessary, to the Director;  

  4. Review and sign Safety & Supervision, Timesheet, Learning Goals and Evaluation forms in IPT.

  5. Assign semester grades in Gibson

  6. Evaluating current field placements and field instructors regarding their suitability for continuation.

Q: When are final grades due?
A: Please review the academic calendar for the most up to date information per semester.  


Q: What Learning Management System (LMS) does TSSW use?

A: Canvas


Q: What platform does TSSW use for online course live session meetings.
A: Zoom. Any instructor assigned to an online course will be provided a Zoom Pro account.


Q: Is your online program synchronous and/or asynchronous?

A: All of our online courses consist of both synchronous and asynchronous content., Each course will have a scheduled live session at a set time.


Q: I have been assigned a live session time for my online TSSW course, can I cancel or change this time?

A: No. Our online courses have required live sessions which meet at scheduled times during the semesters (typically once per week). Live session times cannot be changed because our students are registered for multiple courses per semester, any change to one class would affect their other class times. Typically online course live session times are scheduled in the evening to accommodate working students. You cannot cancel a live session.


Q: What are my rights and responsibilities as an adjunct instructor?

A: Please review both the Tulane University Faculty Handbook and the TSSW Student Handbook for comprehensive information.


Q: I am a current adjunct instructor, when will I get paid?
A: Fall Semester – September, October, November

Spring Semester  - February, March, April
Summer Semester - June and July


Q: How often should I update my Canvas grades for students to view?

A: TSSW recommends that instructors update their student grades weekly at a minimum.  


Q: Can I update a student’s grade in Canvas after I enter it?

A: Grades in Canvas can be changed after you enter them. Final grades on a student’s transcript can be changed with the permission of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (for example updating an Incomplete to a final grade). Please request a Grade Change form from TSSW’s Academic Affairs administration.


Q: I am currently an adjunct, will I be guaranteed a course assignment every semester?
A: Course assignments are made on a semester by semester basis and are subject to the needs of the university.


Q: What circumstances might prohibit me from a future assignment?

A: An instructor may be not be eligible for additional course assignments due to not using Canvas, canceling live sessions/class meetings, not recording online live sessions, infractions related to discrimination on the basis of race, class, gender, or any other status, poor student evaluations, loss social work license, failure to submit final grades by the deadline, or noncompliance with any other school or university policy.