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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) at the Tulane School of Social Work (TSSW) is the official voice of all graduate and professional students at TSSW. The fundamental values of the social work profession, expressing the worth, dignity, and uniqueness indigenous to all persons as well as their rights and opportunities, shall be reflected in the expression of the actions of the organization

The SGA is committed to support student development in all systems; promote understanding among students, faculty, administration and alumni; maintain professional standards and ethics; accurately represent the concerns and needs of TSSW degree-seeking students to the school's administration; and ensure to the best of its ability the inclusion of all of the student body including full time students, part time students, masters or doctoral level students, advanced standing students, social work students, Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy students, and transfer students for any and all degree-seeking programs. These objectives shall be accomplished by serving as an educational, cultural, and social force within the School and the community.

The TSSW SGA is affiliated with the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Tulane University. All students enrolled at TSSW are eligible for membership in the Student Government Association. All students enrolled in a degree-seeking course of study at TSSW are considered members of the SGA and encouraged to participate in meetings and/or events. There are no fees required as part of the membership of the TSSW SGA.

SGA Members for 2017-18

President Amy O'Brien, MSW Student
Vice President, Social Work Chloe Hill, MSW Student
Vice President, Part-Time Kristi Ka'apu, MSW Student
Vice President, DRLA Liz West, MSW Student
VP Finance Maria Isabella Pontoriero, MSW Student
Vp Finance (PT) Lana Charles, MSW Student
Secretary Allison Skapik, MSW Student
Finance Representatives Sarah Mahoney, MSW Student
Lana Charles, MSW Student
Education Policy Committee Representatives for Social Work Melanie Moulder, MSW Student
Daniel Smith-Kirkham, MSW Student
Education Policy Representative for Social Work Cynthia Grimes, MSW Student
Mike Miller, MSW Student
Education Policy Representative - DRLA Jennifer Sato, MSW Student
Graduate and Professional Student Association Representative for Social Work Huyen Bui,  MSW Student
Graduate and Professional Student Association Representative - DRLA Mark Rogers II, DRLA Student
Diversity Representative Semaj Crumpton, MSW Student
Communications Representative Bridget Conboy, MSW Student
Wellness Representative Victoria Davidson, MSW Student
Part-time Representative Kristi Ka'apu, MSW Student
Dean, School of Social Work

Dr. Patrick Bordnick

Faculty Advisor Sheila Gold

For information regarding: Constitution and Specific information about the management and operations of the SGA can be reviewed in the Constitution, Bylaws, and any other related materials posted on the TSSW SGA's OrgSync Portal.


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The SGA encourages and welcomes feedback from the TSSW community at all times in order to maximize and make everyone's time at TSSW as meaningful as possible.

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