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Field Education Program

A core component of your educational experience at the Tulane School of Social Work, our field education program exposes you to real-world social work practice as well as the diversity of populations and social issues characteristic of our unique city. The city of New Orleans is a living laboratory where we work with a full range of community agencies that enable you to use knowledge learned in the classroom to develop your practice skills in a professional setting under the supervision of experienced practitioners.

More than 75 social service agencies, government entities, schools, hospitals and businesses throughout the city of New Orleans and surrounding parishes participate in our field-internship program. We also have many partnerships with agencies around the globe for students seeking an international field placement experience. Reflective of our unique clinical community curriculum your field placement provides the opportunity to develop your professional skills in a setting that meets your goals, be they oriented toward traditional clinical practice, community organization or a blend of practice modes.

Upon completion of your MSW degree, you will have accumulated 990 hours of hands-on training. With guidance and mentoring from your academic advisor and your agency based field instructor, you will not only be a part of social work in action, but you will explore your commitment to social work values, ethics and diversity and build a foundation upon which to develop a sound professional social work career.