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Educational Policy Committee for On-campus and Online Master of Social Work Program

The Educational Policy Committee is a subset of faculty, and it oversees the Master of Social Work curriculum content, making recommendations to the larger faculty, and assessing content as part of required competencies from the Council on Social Work Education.

Current Master of Social Work candidates who have course-related questions about readings, videos, websites, materials, tests, or assignments should connect with their professor first and in advance of due dates to allow for response and follow up questions. With regards to attendance, grades, code of conduct, and professional and academic standards, please see the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Any student who has a concern or recommendation regarding course content is welcome to connect with their professor, EPC Student Representative(s), the Sequence Chair for the course, and/or the EPC Chair. Information on the individuals who hold these positions is included below. Please use the Tulane directory to find their email addresses.

Faculty members with course content questions, concerns, or recommendations should work directly with the Sequence Chair for their course.

Those with recommendations on institutional change as it relates to social, economic, racial, environmental, and disability justice can convey that to TSSW’s Empowering Change Task Force.

If you experience or witness individual racism, discrimination, threats of violence, violence, or accessibility, health, or safety issues, please report it to so that it can be dealt with swiftly.

Monthly Reports

Coming August 2021

Members of the Educational Policy Committee & Sequence Chairs

  • EPC Chair: Dr. Crystal Broussard
  • EPC Student Representative(s) for 2021-2022: TBD
  • Sequence Chairs:
    • Community, Policy, and Organizational Practice
      • Dr. Samantha Francois and Dr. Coleen Cicale
      • Courses:
        • 7120 Social Welfare History and Policy
        • 7230 Community Organizing and Policy Advocacy: Theories and Practice
        • 7341 Advanced Integrated Clinical and Community Practice II
    • Human Behavior and the Social Environment and Diversity
      • Dr. Reggie Parquet and Dr. Missy Malone
      • Courses:
        • 7130 Diversity and Social Justice: Theory and Practice
        • 7211 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
        • 7221 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
    • Direct Practice
      • Dr. Candice Beasley and Dr. Valerie Gordon-Garofalo
      • Courses:
        • 7310 Introduction to Direct Social Work Practice
        • 7320 Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups
        • 7330 Advanced Clinical-Community Practice
        • 7331 Advanced Integrated Clinical and Community Practice I
        • 7345 Psychopathology and the DSM-V
    • Research and Evaluation
      • Dr. Lauren Terzis and Dr. Tonya Hansel
        • Courses:
          • 7420 Program Evaluation
          • 7421 Research for Program Evaluation and Evidence-based Social Work
          • 7430 Data Analysis and Interpretation
          • 7431 Data Analysis and Interpretation
    • Capstone (7440): Dr. Stephanie Baus
    • Field Education
      • Dr. Kathy Oquelí McGraw
      • Courses:
        • 7520 Field Practicum and Seminar 1
        • 7530 Field Practicum and Seminar 2
        • 7540 Field Practicum and Seminar 3
        • 7910 Field Practicum and Seminar PT 1
        • 7920 Field Practicum and Seminar PT 2
        • 7930 Field Practicum and Seminar PT 3
        • 7940 Field Practicum and Seminar PT 4
        • 7950 Field Practicum and Seminar PT 5
        • 7960 Field Practicum and Seminar PT 6

For courses and electives not part of these sequences, the first point of contact is the professor.