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Social Work Licensing Information and Requirements

According to the Association of Social Work Boards, "the purpose of licensing and certification in social work is to assist the public through identification of standards for the safe professional practice of social work." States and jurisdictions define by law what is required for the varying categories of social work licensure. To view ASWB members' websites, statutes and administrative rules, click here to select from a list.


Depending upon where you seek your licensure, you may find you the following categories:

  • Bachelors: Baccalaureate social work degree upon graduation

  • Masters: Master’s degree in social work (MSW) with no post-degree experience

  • Advanced Generalist: MSW with two years post-master’s supervised experience

  • Clinical: MSW with two years post-master’s direct clinical social work experience


If you are considering becoming a licensed social worker, we recommed you 


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