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Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2018

August 27 Monday Classes & Field Begin
August 31 Friday Last Day to Confirm Registration
September 3 Monday LABOR DAY HOLIDAY  (University Closed)
September 7 Friday Last Day to Drop/Add, Last Day 100% refund tuition
September 14 Friday Last Day for 75% Tuition Refund
September 19    Wednesday YOM KIPPUR/HOLIDAY***
September 21 Friday Last Day for 50% Tution Refund
September 28 Friday Last Day for 25% Tuition Refund

October 11-14

Thursday - Friday FALL BREAK
October 15 Monday Classes & Field Resumes
November 5 Monday Priority Registration for Spring 2019 Begins
November 21-25    Wednesday - Friday THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY FOR STUDENTS 
November 22-25              Thursday - Friday University Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
November 26 Monday Classes & Field Resumes
TBA TBA Poster Session (SOWK 343)
December 6 Thursday Last day of Classes for Graduating Students
December 8 Saturday Deadline for Graduating Student Grades
December 12 Wednesday Last Day of Field
December 14 Friday Classes End for Continuing Students
December 14 Friday Social Work Commencement
December 19 Wednesday Deadline for Continuing Students Grades

***In the Jewish tradition, the day lasts from sunset to the following nightfall. Thus, Yom Kippur officially begins at sunset on the preceeding evening (Tuesday, September 18) and ends at night fall on the day of observance. 

Spring 2019

January 14 Monday Classes Begin
January 14 Monday Field Begins
January 18 Friday

Last Day to Confirm Registration

January 21 Monday MARTIN LUTHER KING HOLIDAY (University Closed)
January 25 Friday Last Day to Register/Add, last day at 100% Refund Tuition and Fees
February 1 Friday Last Day for 75% Tuition Refund
February 8 Friday Last Day for 50% Tution Refund
February 15 Friday Last Day to Drop without record & 25% tuition refund
March 3-10 Sunday - Sunday         SPRING BREAK/MARDI GRAS
March 11 Monday Classes & Field Resume
March 18 Monday Last Day to Drop
April 3 Wednesday Priority Registration for Summer & Fall 2019 Begins
April 19-22        Friday - Monday EASTER
April 23 Tuesday Classes Resume
May 3 Friday Classes & Field End
May 18 Saturday University/Unified Commencement
May 18 Saturday Social Work Diploma Ceremony TBA Location

Academic Calendar 2018-2019