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A Legacy of Resilience and Inspiration: Dr. Crystal Broussard Steps Down as MSW Program Director at Tulane School of Social Work

It is often said that true leaders aren't defined by their positions, but by their actions and the impacts they create. Dr. Crystal Broussard, the esteemed Program Director of the Master of Social Work (MSW) at Tulane School of Social Work, embodies this notion perfectly.


Dr. Broussard has decided to step down from her role as the MSW Program Director to rejoin the faculty, a testament to her commitment to continually evolving her professional journey and prioritizing self-care. Her decision is one made from strength, a demonstration of her profound understanding that one must be filled before one can fill others – a lesson that resonates deeply in today's demanding world.


During her tenure as MSW Program Director, Dr. Broussard navigated the program through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of Hurricane IDA placed immense pressure on the school's operations. Yet, under her firm and astute leadership, the program not only weathered these challenges but flourished.


From transitioning to remote learning during the pandemic to ensuring students’ wellbeing in the wake of natural disasters, Dr. Broussard’s steadfastness became a beacon of resilience for students and faculty alike. Her remarkable ability to lead with grace and resolve during these trials has been a source of inspiration and a model for leadership in crisis.


Reflecting on her time as the MSW Program Director, Dr. Broussard shared, “I have loved my time as program director. It has been a tremendous learning opportunity and I have grown personally and professionally from my time as the program director."


But her departure from the role of MSW Program Director doesn't mean a farewell. She is excited about her upcoming role, which allows her to directly impact the next generation of social workers. She added, “I’m excited to shift my focus to the undergraduate social work minor program and bringing social work content to more Tulane students."


This transition is not an end, but the beginning of a new chapter in Dr. Broussard's journey at Tulane School of Social Work. Her dedication to her field remains as strong as ever, and she continues to set a powerful example, not only for the students she’ll impact directly but for everyone at Tulane and beyond.


As Dr. Broussard steps into this next phase of her career, she leaves behind a legacy of resilience, inspiration, and a model of self-care. Her impact on the MSW Program and all who have had the privilege to work and learn under her guidance is indelible.


While we bid farewell to Dr. Broussard as MSW Program Director, we enthusiastically welcome her back to the faculty and look forward to witnessing the invaluable insights and experience she will bring to her new role. After all, leadership isn't about a title or a position. It's about impact, influence, and inspiration – and Dr. Broussard continues to embody these attributes in every facet of her work.